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Prototypes of your rubber product

We make prototypes of your rubber or foam product after the design and engineering have been completed. You can use the prototype to test the operation, fit and processing of the rubber parts in the final application. These parts are fully functional. Prototyping is the final stage of production. At this stage it is still possible to make adjustments. Please contact us to have a prototype made of your rubber or foam product.

Saving on tools

The costs for extrusion, injection moulding and thermoforming in tools are not very high. We have several options for making the right tool at an early stage, with a minimum of costs. We can opt for a 1 cavity mould (to be expanded later), an aluminium mould or a proto tool. With this economical proto tool we can produce a limited number of prototypes for you. In practice, this is enough to test the properties and functioning of the rubber product. This way you can be sure that the rubber product works well and you could possibly save an extra series tool.

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Once the prototype has been tested by you and is 100% approved, we make a mould for the final product. With this mould we are ready for series production.


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