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Preformed hoses

Preformed hoses can be produced in almost any shape and are highly durable thanks to the properties of the rubber. The flexibility of preformed hoses allows a high degree of compensation for tolerances. The rubber also prevents vibrations and saves weight and costs compared to metal, for example. Our customers use preformed hoses for fluid-tight connections, air intake hoses, turbo hoses, coolant hoses and fire-hoses, for instance. We will be delighted to put forward an attractive proposal. Contact us today for more information.

Custom-made preformed hoses in large batches

We use injection moulding to make large batches of preformed hoses. By injecting rubber into the moulds, we can make the most complex hoses quickly and in large quantities. These are often custom-made products. We make the preformed hoses precisely according to our client's specifications and application.

Preformed hoses are also available in small batches
We make small batches of preformed hoses using a mandrel. The preformed hoses are assembled manually first and then vulcanised in an autoclave. Most small batches of preformed hoses are made by our subsidiary in India in order to keep costs at a manageable level. It should be noted that we also take corporate social responsibility very seriously in our foreign subsidiaries.

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