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Engineering of rubber and foam products

During the engineering we produce a detailed product drawing based on the design requirements. This drawing shows the exact dimensions, tolerances and technical specifications of your product. We also take into account the hardness, elasticity, temperature resistance, chemical resistance etc. of the rubber products. Our engineers will gladly advise you.

The combination of different production processes linked to a large variety of materials gives HTR the optimal mix of the two for your application!

The right elastomers for your product

The typical properties of your rubber product are determined by the various choices from the range of elastomer types. The properties of the optimal elastomer match its application. Our engineers always choose the most sustainable solution, so that you get the best out of your end product.

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Our product specialists ensure that your rubber product meets all requirements. The design, specifications, quality and type of rubber fit in perfectly with your planned application. We engineer rubber products for the most renowned companies in the various industries that we serve.

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