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Sketch Techniek

A design that meets your specifications
It's probably the most important element in the whole process. This is where we lay the basis for optimum fit, perfect functionality, and the fastest possible assembly time with an absolute minimum of assembly errors. It goes without saying that we do this in close consultation with you.
The basis that HTR creates ensures a good fit, optimum functionality and fast assembly, just what you need, for a product with a relatively low cost, where the difference can be made!

As affordable as possible
We always strive for the best solution, which doesn't necessarily have to be the cheapest. The durability and performance of your product are also very important to us. Our designs are, of course, aimed at the best possible cost price. Because HTR can make use of different production processes, we always offer the right mix of the optimal design and the most suitable process.

Early Supplier Involvement
Involving HTR as early as possible in the design usually shortens the time to product introduction. With our knowledge and experience, we quickly get down to the heart of the matter so we can start producing our rubber or foam parts quickly.

HTR prefers to get in touch with its customers while the designs aren't yet in a "frozen" status. This is where we can already achieve our first savings!

Monitoring Room

Almost all our rubber products are custom-made. When it comes to our client's situation or application, we're making something that doesn't yet exist. To do this, we study the end product and investigate and determine which materials and shapes are the most optimal. This is why, just like rubber, we need to be flexible and think along with our customers.

Are you interested in seeing what we can do for you? Please contact us for more information, as we've been developing our own production methods over the years. This also includes adjustments to machines. Our people focus on solutions and take the necessary steps to achieve a high quality rubber product. That's why we routinely abandon all existing techniques and come up with new, innovative ideas. We don't do “more of the same” quickly

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